S.A. Allen Timber’s extensive network of logging contractors specialize in all classes of timber harvesting, including clear-cut, first thinning, second thinning, and real estate development projects.

Turning Timber Into Money

Converting timber into cash can be complex. We will help you navigate the process, while maximizing the value of your asset. Timber can be converted to cash in three different ways: 1) by-product, per-ton as harvested, 2) per-ton composite, and 3) lump sum. Contact a member of our team to discuss your options, and we can tailor a timber harvest to suit your needs.

General Contractor for Timber

To cut or not to cut? Let us help you maximize the value of your timber through our contractor network and marketing expertise.


Can I deliver wood to the mill myself?

This is not a possibility due to excessive insurance requirements and other factors. This is why the mill has relationships with wood suppliers.

What if I'm not sure of my property lines?

If you are unsure of your landlines, we can contract for a registered surveyor to mark your landlines and have the cost backed out of your stumpage.

Do you cut hardwood and hardwood swamps?

Yes, we work with contractors that specialize in harvesting timber in these areas.

Can you remove trees from residential yards?

We cannot operate within residential areas. However, a local tree surgeon may be able to assist you.

What is the smallest tract you will harvest?

We primarily cut tracts larger than 15 acres, but we can assist landowners in contacting the appropriate companies that specialize in smaller parcels of timber.

How often do I get paid?

Generally, you will receive weekly settlements, but we can tailor your payments to suit your individual needs.

What measures are taken to secure my timber?

We take wood security very seriously. From the time a tree leaves a stand of timber, we track it using load tags and other systems that are unique to each load of wood. These are used by the mill to ensure proper accounting of each ton of wood.

How much is my timber worth?

The amount your timber is worth is dependant on a number of factors including timber volume, quality, accessibility, and local supply and demand.

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