Timber Marketing & Procurement Specialists

Since 1936, S.A. Allen Timber has helped landowners take their forest products to market.


S. A. Allen’s extensive network of logging contractors specialize in all classes of timber, which allows us to offer our landowners a sizeable catalog of harvesting services including total tree harvest (clear-cut), first thinning, second thinning, and land development harvests.

Turning Timber into Money

Have standing timber? Let us convert your asset into cash.

General Contractor for Timber

To cut or not to cut? Let us help you maximize the value of your timber through our contractor network and marketing expertise.



Site Visit

Contact us and we’ll make a site-visit to assess the potential of your timber.


From the site visit, we determine which product types will need to be merchandised to maximize financial returns.

Find Buyers

We approach multiple mill customers and allow them to evaluate the timber for their needs, after which they’re able to make an offer, if they so choose.


We formulate a stumpage price for the landowner from the mill bid including logging, hauling and brokering.


A verbal agreement is reached and we move to the contract phase, which includes multiple payment options for the landowner.


Harvest Harvesting begins and we act as the intermediary between the landowner, logger, and mills.


Over the years S. A. Allen has grown, but some things never change, like our appreciation for family values, focus on landowner objectives, and commitment to harvesting in a profitable, safe, ethical, and environmentally conscious manner.

Contact Us

Call or email us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your timber harvesting needs.